Foundational Human Resources


HR Basics

The fundamentals of human resources are essential to all businesses today. We can help you create strong foundations to ensure workplace compliance, workplace efficiencies and increased productivity are realized. By establishing your foundational human resource processes and practices, you define your workplace culture. 

Compensation and Benefits

Understanding the right formula for compensation and benefits programs within your business is a complicated exercise. StClaireHR will review your current programs and provide support to ensure compliance, consistency, transparency, and alignment with the overall business and fiscal strategy.  

Absence and Leave Management

Absence and Leave Management are the processes that an employer uses to handle employee time away from work. Employers must ensure they are compliant with both state and federal  programs and ensure implementation of these processes are standardized and compliant. StClaireHR will review  your current processes and partner with your business to ensure best practices are in place to limit exposure.  

Talent Management

At StClaireHR, we believe that Talent Management encompasses the full employment cycle; attracting, selecting and retaining talent. Businesses are not agile when retention concerns and turnover become distractions. Focusing on the recruitment and selection of the right people, the investment in employee development, and providing a paths of opportunity will deliver stability to your business freeing up resources for growth.   

Performance Management

Work performance management is the process between a manager and their employees to identify, plan, develop and evaluate work performance. It is the link between business goals and objectives and employee’s contribution. Furthermore it is an opportunity to design a development path that aligns with the employees' ambitions and skill set.